COSPLAYING- who would or have you cosplayed????

Cosplaying is definitely becoming big in other countries besides Japan.
Many of us want to become some of our favorite anime, vocaloid, gaming, comic, manga, movie, and cartoon characters.

Cosplaying lets a person bring a character to life. Let’s a person become someone else and recreate a life that is not their own.

I love going to conventions and Japanese festivals seeing many men, women and children dressed up as characters. It brings a since of community. We all are here doing the same thing without feeling awkward or judged.

Some of my favorite cosplayers are Yaya Han, Spiral Cats, and Alodia Gosiengfiao. They make a living doing cosplay.

I’ve recently started Cosplaying and definitely want to become more involved. My 2016 resolution is to attend more conventions and festivals so I can continue to cosplay.

As for creating a costume I buy mine. I am not creative enough to create one. There are many out there that can. The work they put into detail are amazing. Creating the outfit, accessories and the weapon (if character has one) is very tedious. Creating their accessories and weapons out of materials you would have never thought of. I applaud the true cosplayers out there. I admire your work and I am a huge fan of all of you.

Who have or who do you want to cosplay????

30 thoughts on “COSPLAYING- who would or have you cosplayed????

  1. I have cosplayed as Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club, which was amazing. I bought all of my cosplay online so it was super easy to put together. But, this year I’m cosplaying as Maka, and she has more pieces to her outfit, so I have made a lot more of it. It’s coming along really well and I’m excited to put it all on and see how it looks. I began work on the scythe today, and hopefully I’ll have it done soon.

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      1. Soooooo many pictures will be had! I’m hoping to slowly build my costume up. Also I must get over my fear of putting in contacts πŸ‘€ Gotta have those blue eyes!


  2. I’ve tried to cosplay Simon from Gurren Lagann! I bought pretty much the main parts of the costume about 2 years ago, and have been tweaking it ever since. It’s always fun to see others get a kick out of seeing their favorite character being cosplayed! πŸ˜€

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      1. YUP!! XD I bought an actual pair of goggles for swimming then just painted them red and yellow. ^-^ I tried also making the drill necklace but then just ended up buying one since I found it at a convention.

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