Itachi Uchiha- New Anime Series


Naruto fans everywhere, Itachi Uchiha is finally receiving his own anime series. It is called Naruto Shippuden: Itachi Shinden-hen Hikari to Yami. It will be based on the 2 part novel series The Itachi Shinden: Kōmyō-hen and Itachi Shinden: Anya-hen. It is said if might run as an arc for Naruto Shippuden.

The series will be based on the 2 part novel series which are of Itachi’s childhood. In the novels at the age of 4 Itachi’s father Fugaku shows him the after math of a war zone. Seeing this, Itachi decides he wants to become strong enough to change the world and make it more peaceful for his loved ones. He also has a goal of becoming the Uchiha Clan’s first Hokage.

As Itachi grows he joins the ninja academy and excels at everything. At times breaking many records as well. He becomes a Genin, Chūnin and then an Anbu.

The novels also includes how he begins to get his Sharingan. The relationship between Sasuke and him when it was at a loving time. Then how everything goes downhill and he ends up becoming the Itachi as we know him in the later Naruto series.

The series is said to air in March of 2016. I am hoping the series sticks very close to the novels’ storyline.

I am super excited because Itachi like many other fans is one of my favorite characters from Naruto.

Will you be watching???

21 thoughts on “Itachi Uchiha- New Anime Series

  1. Looking forward to this! I actually like Naruto at first but the constant getting back to life in Shippuuden is just not realistic.. I only watch if I like the characters like Itachi, Hidan and Toby.

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  2. Uhhh yes!!! Completely stoked for this when I first heard the news. He has come to be my favorite character in the series. It was oh-so wrong of me to dislike him the first time he appeared on the anime. Who would have thought what really went down, huh. He probably had the most character development that I can immediately think of.

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  3. Gaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! Best news ever! I have been waiting so long to get more of his story. There’s actually quite a few characters that I’d love to hear more about, but he’s always towards the top of the list.


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