2016 Most Anticipated Anime

Now that it is 2016, we all should know that Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) season 2 and Tokyo Ghoul season 3 will be airing soon.

Many Attack on Titan fans have been waiting a very long time for season 2. Last year we read the announcement that season 2 is coming out in 2016 and let’s just say we all were over the top excited.

After the epic fight between Titan Eren and Titan Annie, we need to know what happens to Annie? She became crystal after the fight. Will she defrost? Hahah What happens to Erwin after making such a bold decision to have Titans fight within the walls? Will the next season expose the other Titans that are humans as well? Will Eren ever get to his basement to find the secret his dad hid? So many questions!!! Need answers!!!!

Due to the long anticipated wait I just bought the manga and read what happens. Now I want to see how they will take everything from the manga and put it to action.

Now Tokyo Ghoul season 3! Yes! Cannot wait! We all remember the last episode with Kaneki carrying Hide’s lifeless body. Many fans were upset. Kaneki and CCG reaper Arima standing facing each other on the battle ground. What will happen? The episode before the last The One-Eyed Owl jumps out of no where and kills Yoshimura. Injures juuzou and shinohara. Will Shinohara make it? All of Antieku was burning down. Goooodddnness so many things we have to answer and wait for in season 3.

The manga is not coming out fast enough in the States so I can’t even read ahead to see what happens.

So, the two most anticipated shows are finally going to come out this year. Exact dates unknown. When I find out I will def rave about it then.

Are you excited????


4 thoughts on “2016 Most Anticipated Anime

  1. “Attack On Titan 2” has a gray date for 2016, not a specific one though.

    Hate to make you feel bad but “Tokyo Ghoul: Season 3” has no official pressed information on another season and most likely won’t with it’s poor sales as a late night anime.

    Do not, I MEAN DO NOT Trust sites that aren’t official anime news sites like ChristianNewsDaily or another spam site trying to get views.

    Official sources like CrunchyRoll & AnimeNewsNetwork actually pull real, real news confirmations from people of the website who attend meetings, conventions, read real magazine spreads and actually know Japanese to read and source real authentic voices associated with those projects.


      1. Yeah never use a rumor as a confirmation. “Tokyo Ghoul” is huge but the sales were so low.

        However it reminds me of “TWGOK” and how it had 3 seasons regardless of the how low the sales were.

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