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The manga Twin Star Exorcists is in the works of becoming an anime. I’m super excited because I am currently reading this manga.

The story is about a 14 year old boy Rokuro who has many dreams, but one of them is not becoming an exorcist. He grew up in a house with many exorcists including his best friend Ryogo. They all believe he can be a great exorcist one day, but Rokuro just does not have that goal in life.

One day while he is out he runs into a mysterious girl the same age as him named Benio. He soon finds out that she is an exorcist when they transport into Magano which is a realm of Kegare (evil spirit monsters).

One day Rokuro’s best from Ryogo is kidnapped by a Kegare and brought into Magano. Rokuro asks Benio for her help to get him back. Here is a situation where Rokuro has to use his exorcist powers to help his best friend return. The pair of them work so well as a team and you witness the power they have together.

After their encounter, Rokuro and Benio both soon find out that they are The Twin Star Exorcists and are suited to marry. They are fated to have the prophesied child who will be the most powerful exorcist ever. Benio and Rokuro are both against this fate. Especially Rokuro because he has other goals in mind especially not to marry Benio or to become an exorcist.

As the Manga continues you start to learn about Rokuro’s past and the reason for him not wanting to be an exorcist. You also learn about Benio’s past and why she is so passionate about being one. The funniest part about this story is the relationship between Benio and Rokuro. The back and forth with the two of them is hilarious.

I will say I can’t wait for the anime series to come out. There is no exactly release date. As soon as I find out you will know about it.

I do recommend this manga for anyone who likes the shonen genre.




I have read many discussions, forums and comments as to which Japanese media outlet do you prefer? Anime which is Japanese animation or Managa which is the Japanese comics.

I find this to be a difficult question. Many will say anime because they like to watch the action come to life, the artistic drawing of the characters, the voices whether dubbed or in Japanese, or just because they like to watch TV (or a specific electronic device).

Others will say Manga because the story will be longer and more detailed. The character development is much better instead of being a little watered down for anime. Other factors are the artistic drawing, the voices the reader creates themselves for the characters, or just because they like to read.

Many like myself will say both. There are those who like to read the manga first and then watch the anime to see how it is executed. Then others like myself like to watch the anime and then read the manga to get more information on the story. Or because your favorite anime is not getting another season so you have to find out what happens next. (Sad face)

Sometimes the anime,to some, may not have as much details, plot twists, cliffhangers or character development at the manga. Some anime are better left as a manga. Then you have some anime that are spot on.

Here are some examples of anime I find to be just as good as the manga, Attack on Titian, Tokyo Ghoul, Noragami and my fav Deadman Wonderland. Then you have the ones I feel the anime just did not do the manga any justice, Pandora Hearts and No 6. I say read the manga, trust me it is way better.

Whether you like anime or manga, we all can agree that they both are interesting, entertaining and very addictive haha.

Which do you prefer?

COSPLAYING- who would or have you cosplayed????

Cosplaying is definitely becoming big in other countries besides Japan.
Many of us want to become some of our favorite anime, vocaloid, gaming, comic, manga, movie, and cartoon characters.

Cosplaying lets a person bring a character to life. Let’s a person become someone else and recreate a life that is not their own.

I love going to conventions and Japanese festivals seeing many men, women and children dressed up as characters. It brings a since of community. We all are here doing the same thing without feeling awkward or judged.

Some of my favorite cosplayers are Yaya Han, Spiral Cats, and Alodia Gosiengfiao. They make a living doing cosplay.

I’ve recently started Cosplaying and definitely want to become more involved. My 2016 resolution is to attend more conventions and festivals so I can continue to cosplay.

As for creating a costume I buy mine. I am not creative enough to create one. There are many out there that can. The work they put into detail are amazing. Creating the outfit, accessories and the weapon (if character has one) is very tedious. Creating their accessories and weapons out of materials you would have never thought of. I applaud the true cosplayers out there. I admire your work and I am a huge fan of all of you.

Who have or who do you want to cosplay????

Itachi Uchiha- New Anime Series


Naruto fans everywhere, Itachi Uchiha is finally receiving his own anime series. It is called Naruto Shippuden: Itachi Shinden-hen Hikari to Yami. It will be based on the 2 part novel series The Itachi Shinden: Kōmyō-hen and Itachi Shinden: Anya-hen. It is said if might run as an arc for Naruto Shippuden.

The series will be based on the 2 part novel series which are of Itachi’s childhood. In the novels at the age of 4 Itachi’s father Fugaku shows him the after math of a war zone. Seeing this, Itachi decides he wants to become strong enough to change the world and make it more peaceful for his loved ones. He also has a goal of becoming the Uchiha Clan’s first Hokage.

As Itachi grows he joins the ninja academy and excels at everything. At times breaking many records as well. He becomes a Genin, Chūnin and then an Anbu.

The novels also includes how he begins to get his Sharingan. The relationship between Sasuke and him when it was at a loving time. Then how everything goes downhill and he ends up becoming the Itachi as we know him in the later Naruto series.

The series is said to air in March of 2016. I am hoping the series sticks very close to the novels’ storyline.

I am super excited because Itachi like many other fans is one of my favorite characters from Naruto.

Will you be watching???

2016 Most Anticipated Anime

Now that it is 2016, we all should know that Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) season 2 and Tokyo Ghoul season 3 will be airing soon.

Many Attack on Titan fans have been waiting a very long time for season 2. Last year we read the announcement that season 2 is coming out in 2016 and let’s just say we all were over the top excited.

After the epic fight between Titan Eren and Titan Annie, we need to know what happens to Annie? She became crystal after the fight. Will she defrost? Hahah What happens to Erwin after making such a bold decision to have Titans fight within the walls? Will the next season expose the other Titans that are humans as well? Will Eren ever get to his basement to find the secret his dad hid? So many questions!!! Need answers!!!!

Due to the long anticipated wait I just bought the manga and read what happens. Now I want to see how they will take everything from the manga and put it to action.

Now Tokyo Ghoul season 3! Yes! Cannot wait! We all remember the last episode with Kaneki carrying Hide’s lifeless body. Many fans were upset. Kaneki and CCG reaper Arima standing facing each other on the battle ground. What will happen? The episode before the last The One-Eyed Owl jumps out of no where and kills Yoshimura. Injures juuzou and shinohara. Will Shinohara make it? All of Antieku was burning down. Goooodddnness so many things we have to answer and wait for in season 3.

The manga is not coming out fast enough in the States so I can’t even read ahead to see what happens.

So, the two most anticipated shows are finally going to come out this year. Exact dates unknown. When I find out I will def rave about it then.

Are you excited????