TGIF!!! Yayyyyy I’m ready for the weekend. Tomorrow I am going to Anime NYC. So excited. First big one in NYC. Well today is Fan Art Friday and we have an awesome artist.

Tenshi a fellow WordPress member made these awesomely so cute pieces. I really really love the colors. A grown Maka Albarn and sexy Sailor Jupiter. Way to go!!

Please check out her page and her commission page and support!!!

Let’s give it up for Tenshi and her amazing artwork. 👏👏👏👏👏

Thanks so much Tenshi for submitting.

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Thank you and can’t wait to see all the fantastic art Work






Today is Tuesday and its Versus Tuesday!! Today we have Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist and Yato from Noragami.

Who would win this fight????

Well they both have super entity powers. Rin is the son of Satan and Yato is the God of Calamity. Both are goofy and both can flip a switch and be bad asses.  Plus they both have a sword that has powers.

Rin was always there to help his brother Yukio from being bullied since they were kids. After his adopted father was killed by his real father Satan, Rin enrolls in Cross academy to become an exorcist so one day he can get revenge against Satan. Rin inherits a sword called Kurikara and when he opens it his appearance changes into a demon with blue flames. he becomes more powerful.

Yato wants to become a really popular God. He would leave his phone number anywhere for the people to call him for a deed to be done. Just so everyone can remember him. He is goofy and sneaky at the same time. But does care for his friends. When it comes to battles he can whoop some ass with his partner Yukine who is a Shinki that transforms into a silver Katana. We also find out in his past he was a ruthless killer and killed so many people.

Of I had to choose who would win, hmm I’ll probably go with Yato because he did have a past of being deadly. But then Rin could become posed by Datan and become super bad and kill. UGHH who knows. Hahah

Who do you think would win this fight Rin or Yato???


SAMURAI CHAMPLOO – Anime must watch



The series follows Mugen a hot headed, brutal fighting warrior whose fighting style is inspired by break dancing, Jin a classic and yet traditional style samurai who is very skilled in fighting and Fuu a ditsy and naive teahouse waitress on their journey to find the Samurai who smells of sunflowers.
Their journey is faced with many interesting and crazy characters. So many fights and adventure from Fuu getting kidnapped many times. Mugen looking for trouble and finding a reason to fight. Then Jin being challenged by many because he killed his master.



15 year old Fuu is a not so great waitress at a teahouse. She has a desire to find the Samurai who smells of sunflowers. Her father left the family when she was younger with no explanation. Her and her mother led a hard life due to not having the father’s support. Soon after her mother died of an illness. One day at the tea house an incident occurred and she saves Mugen and Jin from being executed because of the incident. She hires the two to become her bodyguard on her quest to find the Samurai who smells of sunflowers. He possibly could be her father.



19 year old Mugen is a poor, hostile, rude, vulgar and conceited drifter. His fighting style is unique in its own way by being wild and unconventional. He is quick to become angry and start fights over the littlest things. He is also a womanizer, he can be distracted by a beautiful woman easily. He is kind of an anti-hero. He becomes Fuu’s body guard after she saves him from being executed due to an incident a the teahouse she worked in.



20 year old Jin is a rōnin who was a samurai in training during the Tokugawra era but discontinued his training after he killed his master in self defense. He carries himself in a stoic manner and is well reserved compared to Mugen’s crazy ways. He is approached many times by students of the same dojo he trained at because they want revenge for the death of their master. He becomes Fuu’s body guard after she saves him from being executed due to an incident a the teahouse she worked in.


I will say this series is one of my favorite anime. It was fun and super entertaining.


The characters all were very unique and interesting in their own way. Fuu was not that annoying girl or damsel in distress which many series usually tend to have when its one girl and a couple of guys. She had a toughness but also goofy side and it was hilarious to watch. She was more like the responsible one in the group but still had her immature ways as well.

Mugen one of my favorite anime characters was probably the most entertaining character of the series. He was so short tempered and he was ready to fight everyone. No matter how dangerous the situation was he was up for a fight. There could be 10 guys against him and he will never back down. He was so cocky that he just knew he can beat anyone up. His crazy personality was perfect for the two characters who were opposite to him. When he fights it looks like he is breakdancing. His dance fighting style was perfect to watch.

Jin was such a cool, calm and collective character. He held an aurora about him that made you want to know more about his story. When anyone challenged Jin and they were loud and rude, they always underestimated what he can do. I loved to see Jin whoop their asses in his samurai style fighting. Even with glasses on they never fell off because he was that good. I liked how he barely said anything but when he did it all made since and had a point to it.

I liked the relationship between the characters, Fuu was like a younger sister. She was always nagging them or trying to put them in their place. It was cute and funny. I loved how Mugen and Jin were in competition on who is the better fighter. They always said don’t die because I am supposed to kill you. It was a rivalry that I liked throughout the series. But when they had to fight enemies they were there for each other.


The storyline was awesome, I liked how throughout the series even though we are on this journey with Fuu to find the samurai who smelled of sunflower, Jin and Mugen’s past comes back to haunt them.

At many points through out the series we see former students of the Dojo Jin attended try and attack him to get revenge on behalf of their former master. As much as Jin tried to defend himself, they did not want to hear. They wanted to fight and have Jin dead. Jin was able to handle all these students.

Mugen’s story from his past as a pirate comes back to play a part in their journey. Mugen was about to leave the group to help his former pirates and the lady he once loved. He gets in to trouble as they try to steal and kill, Mugen realizes this isn’t going to change and found out they were betraying him so he ends the relationship.

The way the writers included all their stories into their journey was perfect. It Didn’t take away from the main storyline. It was put in perfectly and wasn’t a distraction or a pointless filler episode.

Another part of the story I liked was the trio trying their best to find money to get food. They were always hungry and yet always poor. Once they were able to chuck up some money for food they would stuff their mouths. Hahaha


The music is so original and definitely unique because it had a hip hop theme. It was a lot of beat box sounds, spinning and scratching of a record like the 80’s DJs did in the clubs. The music was also perfect for when the team fought because the fighting looked like a b-boy style of dancing. So it was Iike you were watching a cool music video.


I like the artistic work of this series. The clothing looked like the Edo period. The samurai clothing, to the Yukatas and the clothing of the poor. The outfits looked like old Japan. The settings of the locations they traveled also embraced the old Japan we read in books or watch in movies.


I have to say this is an anime that is so worth watching. It has action, drama and all the in between. I can watch this anime over and over. Every time adult swim airs Samurai Champloo I always watch it because it’s just that good.





Omg being back from Japan this week went by sooo slow. I was so tried this week adjusting to the time difference of  Japan to NY. Anyways, thank goodness it’s Friday. It’s Fan Art Friday and we have an awesome Artist!!

Max Webb 14yrs old with these Amazing and fan obsessed YURI on Ice perfect Artwork. You know this was popular this year!!!

Let’s support our fellow WordPress member, check out his site below for more work!!



Let’s give it up to Max for sending in some awesome artwork. 👏👏👏👏👏

Max thanks sooo much for submitting!!!

If you are an artist or know an artist please submit your art work. Information is below.

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Thank you and can’t wait to see all the fantastic art Work






Well It’s half way through the season and now I kind of have a better understanding on the shows and where my interests stands. Below are some my Fav and least fav.




Anime: Inuyashiki Genre: Psychological, Action, Science Fiction, Thriller


Ichiro Inuyashiki a 58 year old man who looks must older has a sad life. He is not respected by his family and others look at him as a pathetic man. Not only that, but his doctor reveals to him that he has cancer and doesn’t have long to live. One night while going for a walk with his new dog he found he ends up on a hill and sees a teen boy standing there alone. A random bright light appears from the sky and then he wakes up in his bed. He has no idea what happened but his life begins to change. He no longer has cancer and now his body feels younger than ever. Realizing his body is different and now is robotic he decides to become a hero and save people. Little does he know there is another out there like him but is opposite and is a villain.


This is my favorite show of the season. I am obsessed. It is dark and psychologically can screw your head over. The main character the old man Ichiro is probably one of my new fav characters. He is a new found hero and wants to save everyone. With his new powers he is doing just that. You feel for him and you def go through an emotional roller coaster with him. The teen for me I like a lot. I always say I like bad guys. He may be a bit psycho but I’ve been missing bad guys like this in anime. This storyline is definitely different than any other anime I’ve watched before. And I’m so happy we have something new and dark.


Anime: Food Wars- Third Plate Genre: Ecchi, School, Shonen


Food wars follows a boy named Sōma Yukihira who grew up in his father, Jōichiro Yukihira’s restaurant. His father taught him all about cooking and they would compete against each other in cooking battles. Every time Sōma would lose. Hahah One day Sōma’s father receives a job to cook abroad and around the world. So he closes shop and then enrolls Sōma in to an elite culinary school where only 10% of students manage to graduate. Here at this school Sōma meets many student who are all skilled at cooking. Many of them each specializing in something specific for cooking such a meat, curry, Italian cuisine and etc. While in the school the kids are faced with many cooking challenges and battles as well. You witness Sōma developing as a chef and reaching his goal of becoming better than his father one day.


You know I am a fan of food wars because the food literally is life. It looks sooo good. As for the story this time it’s not as intense as the other seasons. I liked when they had the competitions against each other. This time they are at a fair and it’s not like the one on one cooking competition. But it’s still enjoyable. They’ve introduced some new and interesting characters.


Anime: Garo Vanishing Line Genre: Action Fantasy, Science, Fiction, Demon


In Russell City, there is a plot that is beginning to prosper and can eventually cause a major problem. The first to hear about this plot is a man named Sword who fights in the Shadow Wars. He lost his little sister and the only clue he has is the word El Dorado. A girl named Sophie lost her older brother and is in need of help. Her only clue is the Word El Dorado as well which was left on his laptop. She runs into Sword and asks for his help during this Shadow war. Sword decides to help since they both have the same clue to find their loved ones. 


I really like this show, the character Sword is a like-able character. He is tough and cool at the same time. Gina is what I wish more anime female characters were like, sexy and yet dangerous. Don’t let her sexiness fool you. She can whoop ass. Sophie is the teen character but she isn’t annoying like most characters in her position would be. The story is pretty cool they are looking for Horrors (demons) and the fights are pretty cool. The action is there and fun to watch. I really do enjoy this show.


Anime: Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction


Kino decides to go on an adventure to explore the many countries that are out there. All kino has are guns to protect her throughout this journey with her moped. On this journey we see different counties people, rules Andersen about their stories. Some good and some bad. Kino’s rule is to stay no longer than 3 days. She sticks to that so she can explore as many countries out there.


Kino’s Journey is so entertaining. I really enjoy this adventure. It’s fun to see the different countries and their different forms, different rules and interesting people. Kino who I swore was a boy is the most adorable and awesome character. She looks cute but she can shoot a gun with precision. I was so surprised when I saw her in battles. It was pretty cool because it’s a little girl that can keep up with the big boys. I really do like this anime.


Anime: Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Genre: Action, Fantasy


A group of warriors which names are derived from the 12 Chinese Zodiac are sought together for the 12th Zodiac tournament to fight to the death. In a city that has been clear of half a million people these warriors battle it out. They each swallow a poisonous gem that the winner must collect all to be granted one wish they desire.


Not sure how I feel about Juni Taisen. It is entertaining. It reminds me of Fate Stay night because of the warriors coming together to fight. I do like a few characters like Rabbit and Ox. I would say you can like other characters but don’t get too attached because they may not last long. I will see how this show goes. I’ll continue to watch.




Anime: Evil or Live Genre: Psychological, School


There is a new disease that is sweeping amongst young boys and girls which is called “Net Addiction”. It’s making young boys and girls grow more attached to the internet and avoid social and family life. Due to these drastic conditions spreading these young boys and girls are put into a rehabilitation center that is more like a prison. Hikibi our main Character has no idea what he has been enrolled into. Will he survive?


Evil or Live is definitely an interesting show. It kind of touches on our society today. Millennials being addicted to the internet and not engaging in everyday life. Now the school they take the kids to is pretty brutal. It’s battle of the fittest. Or rather only the strong survive. I dont really think the story is all that great. It is going to eventually lead to the kids rebelling against the officials of the school. I really don’t know where it can go. But I do watch it because it is still interesting.


Anime: Code Realize Gurdian of Rebirth Genre: Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Josei


Cardia lived in a abandoned mansion to follow her father’s wishes. Her body carries a poison that anything which touches her skin will melt and due to this the townspeople called her “Monster”. Her father told her to stay away from people and to never fall in love. One day her father disappears with no explanation. Cardia’s life is interrupted when the Royal Guards break in to capture her to use for their own purpose. But she is saved by Lupin a sophisticated thief and go on an adventure with him to locate her father.


I’m still up in the air about this show. I do find it entertaining. I like that they use fictional characters in this show like Victor Frankenstein, Dracula, and Van Helsing to name a few. It is definitely eye candy for females. I mean every male character is so hot hahah. The storyline isn’t so bad. I think it can take us somewhere and I am interested in going there.




Anime: Black Clover Genre: Shonen, Magic, Fantasy


Asta and Yuno are both raised as orphans in a small town outside of Clover Kingdom.
Asta dreams to become Wizard King but one problem… he wasn’t born with magic powers. He trains intensively his physical powers. Yuno has magic powers and is considered a prodigy with his powers. He dreams of becoming the Wizard King as well. Now at 15 they are both granted the opportunity to apply to become Wizards known at the Magic Knights. The show takes on us their journey of becoming the Wizard King.


Black Clover is like your typical anime shounen. You pretty much can predict what will happen in every episode. Asta is kind of annoying, he screams all the time and barely speaks normally. He is too over the top. He wants to become Wizard King and that reminds me of when Naruto wanted to become Hokage. Yuno the secondary character has no life in him at all. At least Sasuke had a bit of character. He is pretty much dead pan. Hahah it’s entertaining no matter what but nothing special from the other shounen shows.


Anime: Sengoku Night Blood Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy


 Yuzuki is a normal teen until one day she begins to see a mysterious light coming from her cell phone. The light transports her to an unfamiliar world. 

This world is called Shinga and is inhabited by Vampires and Werewolves. It once use to be a prosperous and peaceful town. They need Yuzuki to bring back peace and prosperity. She has special blood that possesses strength, healing and can awaken Jingazoku’s which is one of the strongest vampire’s powers. She is due to rule the world and we watch her journey through this romance and war story. 


This show reminds me of Diablik lovers. All male vampires and one girl. I am kind of over the vampire genre. It isn’t a new storyline or something different to present with the vampire genre in this day and age. the characters are all good looking but that is but so far it can take this show. i will give the show a good review with the artistic drawing and use of colors. Also, the fighting scenes are decent.


Anime: Taisho Mebiusline Chicchai San Genre: Historial, Shonen


 During the time Imperial Japan is about to go to war with the world, Hiiragi Kyoichiro leaves his town to attend the university in the capital of Tokyo. He is hoping to get a great scholar’s education to become a great man in his hometown. But now the Japanese Army knows of his special ability he had since his youth of being able to see spirits of the dead. Now they are seeking him out. 


I don’t know what to say about this. It’s such a random anime. The characters Chibi forms are super cute but it’s hard for me to follow the story because I’m so distracted. Also, the show is only 3mins long so it’s definitely not enough time to give details on the story and to really get to know the characters. I probably will drop it but then the shows are only 3 mins so I can just finish them.


what are your thoughts on this season???


Yeah, it’s still early in the week. Haha oh well. But today we have Versus Tuesday. One of my favorite rivalries. Izaya Orihara VS Shizuo Heiwajima both from Durarara. Who is your favorite from this group? 
Now this rivalry is super hilarious. They never liked each other from the beginning. Izaya can be in the street talking to someone and then randomly gets hit by a vending machine or a street pole. All due to Shizuo’s super human powers throwing these objects at him. I also love when Shizuo screams Izayaaaaaa. But Izaya can always get away from Shizuo unharmed and back to causing trouble for Shizuo. It’s a real cat and dog game. 
Izaya is an Information Broker that knows everything and anything of Ikebukuro. He is the one that turns the wheels in everyone’s storyline. He is very sneaky and super manipulative. He can play on any characters’ emotions and use it against them except Shizuo.  
Shizuo is a Tom Tanaka’s body guard. He is a handsome character and wears sunglasses and a bartender outfit. Even though we never see him at a bar. He smokes a cigarette all the time. He has super human strength and has real anger issues. He knows whenever anything bad/crazy happens in Ikebukuro it’s all due to Izaya. He is a reliable character when it comes to him standing up for his team. 
Now if I have to decide who I like better ughh that is extremely a hard one. I like them both so much. They are both my favorite characters from the show. But if I had to go with one I will go with Izaya because he is the reason all the plots/storylines happened in the first place.
Who do you like better Izaya or Shizuo??? 


Hey Everybody,

I am back from Japan. I wish I could stay longer. 😩😩😩 well back to the New York Groove. I’m glad it’s Friday because I have the weekend to rest. 

Today we have a very talented artist Pritam 19yrs old with this Freakingggg awesomeeee GOKU!!! Omg so amazing I Love it!! 

Let’s give it up to Pritam! 👏👏👏👏👏

Thanks so much for submitting this awesome piece. I loveeee it! 

I am still looking for Artist. If you are an artist or know an artist please submit your art work. Information is below.

1. Pictures must be yours 

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Thank you and can’t wait to see all the fantastic art Work